Let’s go all-in on selling sustainability

I love IKEA products because they are simple and beautiful, yet affordable for me as a student. Their package design is not only convenient for customers, but also saving lots of storage space and transportation cost. Turns out that they have put a lot of effort into sustainability, reflected through their “People & Planet Positive Strategy”. […]

Think outside of the coffee beans

Recently, I know about a new social venture that discovered the use of coffee leaf as tea, Wize Monkey.  Apparently, the tea is made from high quality arabica leaf and has higher antioxidants than green tea. Probably worth a try. https://youtu.be/bGJO3hv8_4Y I entered a heavy coffee drinking lifestyle when I was working at Starbucks (jokes, […]

Alternatives to virgin plastic

Plastic is the boon and bane of our time. 92% of them end up in landfill or ocean, which has a drastic impact on the environment and especially the ocean habitat. There have been many new exciting alternatives to petroleum-based plastics, such as mushroom materials, shrimp cells, and older innovations such as paper and bioplastics. This morning, […]

SPUD: food delivery is not just for the lazies

Lately, I have been putting grocery shopping and cooking out of my priority list due to a busy schedule. As a student on budget, I ended up buying or cooking pretty bad food. Hoping to eat a healthier diet and support sustainable products, I looked at SPUD, the organic grocery delivery company. Some of you may have […]

MEC Co-operative model: slow growth yet sustainable

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a leader company in the Canadian outdoor retail field that I have always had lots of admiration for. So one time in preparation for an informational interview with a MEC Sustainability Manager, I went to MEC website to do my research. I was very very impressed with the level of […]

The Sharing Economy: Collaborative Consumption

While I was reading about new Vancouver start-ups today, I stumbled upon a business venture called Share Shed that was launched just in February 1st, 2015 by Daniel Dubois – a 23 year old Capilano University fresh graduate. As someone who is interested in the outdoors, the start-up’s tagline right away caught my attention: the […]

Challenge in Sustainable Product Life Cycle

It is absolutely stunning to observe how sustainability has shifted the ways many companies do businesses and also consumer’s buying decisions. Companies have taken a broader step in adopting sustainable product life cycle rather than the traditional approach. That entails control from raw material extraction process, manufacturing process, to product distribution, consumer use and disposal. In […]