Recently, I know about a new social venture that discovered the use of coffee leaf as tea, Wize Monkey.  Apparently, the tea is made from high quality arabica leaf and has higher antioxidants than green tea. Probably worth a try.

I entered a heavy coffee drinking lifestyle when I was working at Starbucks (jokes, it was since I started going to university). Hoping to diversify my caffein drinking choices, I’m very interested in trying out their tea. Hm, does it gonna taste bitter like coffee?

Here are some of the reviews:

“The finish is wildflower honey sweet with a hint of straw, the honey tones lingered for a bit. Steepster score: 88/100.”

“Admittedly, I was worried coffee leaf tea would be overly herby or a bitter coffee hell, but Armando’s Original Blend Coffee Leaf Tea is really smooth and easy to drink with a pleasing amount of sweetness.”

“This was a very unique tea…it reminded me of a black tea in some ways and a green tea in others. It was slightly grassy, but also had an earthy undertone. It was pleasantly smooth with no astringency or unpleasant aftertaste.” 


I think Wize Monkey has lots of potential. They have revolutionized the whole coffee industry (the world’s 2nd largest industry)! And this potentially turns the harvesting season to year round instead of just 3 months. By this discovery, they are helping coffee farmers in Nicaraguan generate a second income source, and create extra value for the industry. The leaf are also harvested in a sustainable manner. Another business that focuses not just on the profit, but also the people and the planet.

However, I remember learning from my Environmental Management class that global warming will have a drastic effect on coffee farms in some regions, because they are temperature sensitive. With this newly discovered value that coffee trees have, I hope that some big coffee companies will put more effort into fighting global warming to help us stay caffeinated forever.

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