I attended the UBC Social Enterprise Conference a few weeks ago and had a chance to listen to Taylor Conroy – the founder of Change Heroes. It’s a platform where individuals can raise money with friends to build schools around the world. Change Heroes aims at Millennials to help change the world, because we are the hero generation that are very willing to help others in need.

Taylor mentioned the common traits of Millennials and how he applied that onto Change Heroes:

  • Millennials like to be online
  • Millennials like to create memories with their friends
  • Millennials donate to charities, but rather than giving one large amount, they prefer to donate less, spread over a longer time period.

So that’s exactly how Change Heroes works! The idea is to gather 33 close friends and throw in your pocket change together everyday for 3 months, pooling $10,000 to build a school for kids with your choice of location. Millennials have funded 176 projects, impacted 176,356 children, and raised $1,763,568 through Change Heroes.

A new survey from Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing has shown that that Millennials are more likely to integrate sustainability into their consumer behaviour, and also more likely to factor sustainability into their investment decisions. Within that, women has higher tendency to make sustainable investing decisions (76% compared to 62% of men).

Millennials and women leading sustainable investment

To market to Millennials, companies need to understand our motivations in making decisions. We buy the Why, not the What and How. We are all digital savvy, although sometimes traditional tactics cannot be forgotten, because it’s all about building communities and having those authentic connections. We are seeking for transparency, and also craving for experiences more than stuff. We foster empowerment, and are all explorers that favour innovation.


It is a very exciting time to see changes made by our generation that incorporate economic, social, and environmental factors.


Millennials: The New Age Heroes

Who Are My Heroes? Young Millennial Leaders


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  1. Hey Ly!

    Awesome post and you got it bang on with millennial traits and characteristics! As a result, we’re seeing all these innovative and digital platforms arising like Kiva and Change.org. These new business models are really questioning the traditional charity model that we’ve grown up getting used to — and I’m so glad it’s happening. As you mentioned, millennials are fairly complex and we’re seeing these platforms, much like Change Heroes, being multifaceted. It’s not just passing a coin jar around and giving away our loose change. It’s more active than that. It’s something we do willingly and collaboratively. My question is, what do you think the impact on this will be on more conventional charities?


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