Lately, I have been putting grocery shopping and cooking out of my priority list due to a busy schedule. As a student on budget, I ended up buying or cooking pretty bad food. Hoping to eat a healthier diet and support sustainable products, I looked at SPUD, the organic grocery delivery company. Some of you may have had experience buying products from SPUD, but they are still new to me so I checked out how sustainable as a business they are as well.

SPUD’s produce is all organic and locally made. Their delivery service follows a certain route and avoids private car trips, therefore helps reduce carbon emission. SPUD’s food miles is only 760km, compared to 2,500 km from conventional stores. On the consumer side, free delivery is always attractive!

I think that as e-commerce is gaining significant market share and will become even bigger in the future. Before I wouldn’t imagine even food is getting onto the online platform, but looking at SPUD’s conversion rate, they have constantly gained new customers to use their online grocery delivery service. I believe what makes SPUD successful as an online grocery retail is their effectiveness in communication. Customers can easily find extra information about the food source, nutrient, and even cooking recipes recommended based on the items. It has turned grocery shopping into a much more pleasant experience, since you can just set up regular purchases and get deliveries to your door step! SPUD is truly fulfilling the “great first, green second” key factor that we talked about in one of the Sustainability Marketing lectures.

Besides organic and locally made produce that is healthy for consumers and also reduces environmental footprints, SPUD is committed to extra environmental efforts. They have developed an up recycling program, by collecting plastics and wraps from residences with the bin return. Moreover, all of the food that is not qualified for delivery is donated to charities.

They are definitely in the Extreme Green segment in executing green marketing strategies.


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