It is absolutely stunning to observe how sustainability has shifted the ways many companies do businesses and also consumer’s buying decisions.

Companies have taken a broader step in adopting sustainable product life cycle rather than the traditional approach. That entails control from raw material extraction process, manufacturing process, to product distribution, consumer use and disposal.


In a world of global business, I think many global companies in fact are facing great challenge in adopting this approach, when their processes are completed else where, maybe even intercontinentally. Looking through the product life cycle lens, that adds transportation cost, and other complex issues in quality and standard control, especially in developing countries.

Another issue to consider is how far down the road should product life cycle goes, knowing that everyone is part of a chain that involved multiple parties. Completing a life cycle analysis of truck for using it as their distribution channel seems out of scope, but there could be unanticipated impacts a long the chain that companies fail to recognize. Although,  the video about “Innocence drinks chain of good advert” I watched in class today positively portrays the innocence consumer who doesn’t know that he started a chain of impact to so many people in Africa, which message could be seen as the global impact a product could have on someone on the other side of the world. The flip side of this issue could get very complex and I think that companies have to take adequate effort to make sure they live up to what they promise in product life cycle delivery.

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  1. Great post Ly! The ad you mentioned remind me of the “Follow the Frog” commercial (

    While these commercials are somewhat exaggerated for the sake of entertainment, I think it underscores the unbelievable potential business has in turning the tide against environmental issues. For example, when you think about finance, many people might think of the words unethical, corruption, or greed (especially our generation, since we grew up during the Great Recession). Finance has done a great deal of harm. But turn the issue on its head and you’ll see that this shows the potential influence of finance! Same goes for consumption – right now we’re consuming scarce resources and wreaking havoc on the environment. But turn it around and we can find how far-reaching the influence of the behaviour of consumers is!

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